Van Horne Dental

We helped a Windsor dentist start his practice in Toronto

A modern dental office that specializes in cosmetic and general dentistry.

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Go-To-Market Strategy


Toronto, ON

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Project Overview

We were approached by Dr. Moemen Metwally of Van Horne Dental to help them enter the competitive Dental market in Toronto, Canada.

Our aim was to create a brand that stands out from the cliché brand looks and feel that have been exploited by the dental industry. For example, we had to stay away from using teeth, and smiles in the logo. Stay away from the classic dental stock photos.

Deliverables and Solutions

Brand Identity:
Logo Design · Brand Guidelines · Brand Messaging · Brand Colors · Business Card Design · Clinic Sign ·

Digital Services:
Website Design & Development · Copywriting · UI/UX · Social Media Setup


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