Aragoz Kitchen

How we helped a Toronto Chef start his own Ghost Kitchen

Toronto's newest Egyptian Ghost Kitchen. Owned and run by award winning chef Adam Soliman.

Main Services

Go-To-Market Strategy


Toronto, ON

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Project Impact

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Project Overview

We worked with Chef Adam Soliman to help him pivot thru the Pandemic Lockdown. We pitched him the idea of shifting from a traditional restaurant to a Ghost Kitchen. Once the concept was approved we worked with Chef Adam to bring Aragoz Kitchen to the very aggressive restaurant industry in Toronto.

Deliverables and Solutions

Ideal Customer Profiles · User Journey · Competition Analysis · Positioning · Pre-Launch Campaign

Brand Identity:
Brand Naming · Logo Design · Brand Guidelines · Brand Elements · Brand Colors · Brand Mascot · Messaging

Digital Services:
Website Design & Development · E-commerce Integration · UX Research · Social Media Direction


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